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1 a raised vertical board with basket attached; used to play basketball; "he banked the shot off the backboard" [syn: basketball backboard]
2 a board used to support the back of someone or something

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  1. The flat vertical surface to which the basket is attached.


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A long spine board (LSB), or backboard, is a medical device used for the immobilization and transportation of patients with suspected spinal injuries. Backboards are used to prevent movement of the spine which may cause permanent injury. They are most often used by prehospital care providers such as EMTs and Paramedics.
Spine boards are typically made of wood or plastic, although there has been a strong shift away from wood boards due to their higher level of maintenance required to keep them in operable condition and to protect them from cracks and other imperfections that could harbor bacteria. Backboards are designed to be slightly wider and longer than the average human body to accommodate the immobilization straps, and have handles for carrying the patient. Most backboards are designed to be completely X-ray translucent so that they do not interfere with the exam while patients are strapped to them.
Backboards are almost always used in conjunction with the following devices:
  • a cervical collar with occipital padding PRN;
  • side head supports, such as a rolled blanket or head blocks made specifically for this purpose, used to avoid the lateral rotation of the head;
  • straps to secure the patient to the long spine board, and tape to secure the head

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  • A new padded backboard has been introduced to the market. The padding attached to the surface of the backboard aims to resolve one of the drawbacks listed above. The padding on the RescuePad spineboard eliminates hotspots suffered by many patients while they are strapped to the long spine board.
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